Installing Automagical Forms

Quick guide to help you install Automagical Forms
Written by Erwin
Updated 3 years ago

This guide will quickly guide you through the installation of Automagical Forms. Not to worry, it's very simple!

Normal user

If your gmail address ends with or you are a normal user within Google Workplace (formerly Gsuite), go to Automagical Forms in the Google Workspace Marketplace (click here) and click on the big blue button "Install".

Warning: If you are part of a company and use Google Workplace (formerly Gsuite), it is possible that your Domain administrator has restricted the installation of third-party add-ons. In this case, contact your Google Workplace Administrator (or the IT department) and ask them to whitelist Automagical Forms or install it domain-wide.

Google Workplace Administrator

Visit the Google Workplace Support article (click here) for information on how to whitelist or install Automagical Forms domain-wide.

You can also visit Automagical Forms in the marketplace and install it for your domain.

If you need more assistance or have questions about installing Automagical Forms on a Google Workplace domain, contact us here.

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