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FAQ - Frequently asked questions for Automagical Forms
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How do I install Automagical Forms?

Automagical Forms is an app that works in Gmail and Drive. There are two ways you can install Automagical Forms:

1. (recommended) Navigate to our app in the Google Workplace Marketplace. Click on the button "Install"

2. Go to Google Gmail or Google Drive and clicking on the + icon on the right side of the screen (see the image below). A new window will open with apps that you can add. Search for "Automagical Forms" at the top in the search bar. Click on our app and click on the button "Install".

Where can Automagical Forms be used?

Automagical Forms can be used in Google Gmail and Google Drive.

What types of documents does Automagical Forms work with?

In Google Drive, Automagical Forms works with PDF files, Google Doc files and Images with handwriting (paid feature only).

In Google Gmail, Automagical Forms works with PDF files and Google Doc files.

Are there any restrictions for the files that Automagical Forms work with?

Yes, there are some restrictions. These restrictions are in place to ensure Automagical Forms works smoothly with all files.

1. Automagical Forms only works on numbered questions.
2. Automagical Forms does not accept files bigger than 2MB in size.

What if my file is larger than 2MB?

If your PDF is larger than 2MB you can use the Print feature in Chrome to Save only some of the pages and retry. Excluding pages with images can also help reduce the size of your PDF file significantly.

For Image files, consider making the resolution smaller or taking a picture with less quality. As long as it is readable for you, Automagical Forms can read it too.

What types of questions can I create with Automagical Forms?

1. Short answer (text) questions
2. Multiple Choice questions

How does Automagical Forms work?

With the Automagical Forms app open in Google Drive, single click on the file you want to use to get the questions from. Automagical Forms will use its Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automagically generate questions for you.

With the Automagical Forms app open in Gmail, it will automatically generate questions for the first PDF in your attachments.

Why do I have to 'Give more time'?

Google Workplace Apps are only allowed to only run for 30 seconds at a time.  Automagical Forms might need more than 30 seconds to generate questions from your file, depending on how big it is or how complicated the format of the file is (our AI is still getting 'smarter' so we continually hope to improve this time constraint).

Why does it make mistakes?

Our app is learning continuously but will make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes it can't recognize handwriting perfectly or will chop off a word or two in a question. You can always edit it directly in the Google Forms after it is generated.

Will Automagical Forms keep my data safe?

Absolutely! Your data is securely stored on Google and Amazon servers once you ask us to process it. We encrypt it if we send it to either of those. Also, we delete it from the servers once the process is finished or after 10 minutes (if for some reason the process has a hickup).

Do you store any Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?


We do not store any PII. Any data we use (only after you ask us to) is not associated with your account. We process it anonymously and securely. Even with our licensing, we anonymize your account and don’t know your email address unless you give it to us for support.

Is this COPPA and FERPA compliant?


We don’t store any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). As former teachers FERPA and COPPA compliance is super important to us.

Is this HIPPA compliant?


We don’t store any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Additionally, any services we use to process the information are HIPPA compliant on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as detailed here: and Amazon AWS services detailed here:

Is this GDPR compliant?


We don’t store any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Additionally, any services we use to process the information are GDPR compliant on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as detailed here: and Amazon AWS services detailed here:

If you would like us to delete your account from our licensing database, you will need to send your email address to

Why isn't it free?

We tried to provide as much value as we can for free. We have costs that we need to cover to keep the lights on and the unicorns fed so they will keep working their magic.

We never sell your data or use it for training our AI models. We want to be transparent in how we can continue to provide usage for the free plan. The subscription plans support the free usage.

If you are using other apps that are free, make sure you understand what their business model is. For example, Desmos charges publishers so they can keep their product free for consumers. If you can't figure out how they are making money, then usually 1 of these things becomes true:

  • You are the product. They are selling your data, using your data to train a model which you will later pay for, or gaining a user base so they will later sell the app which will convert to a paying app.
  • They run out of money and the product disappears with little to no warning.
  • They run out of money and it converts to a paid product.
  • They are trying to tie you into their ecosystem and later charge you money for some other product.

As former teachers, we understand what it is like to have no financial resources and usually paid with our time. We had to find more free products when those we used went paid, or use 3 or 4 different free products to accomplish the same tasks as other paid products. We try to keep it so the free tier gets to continue to use all of the features we have, you just need to pay when you want to use it more.

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