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Installing Automagical Forms

Quick guide to help you install Automagical Forms
Written by Erwin
Updated 1 year ago

This guide will quickly guide you through the installation of Automagical Forms. Not to worry, it's very simple!

Normal user

If your gmail address ends with @gmail.com or you are a normal user within Google Workplace (formerly Gsuite), go to Automagical Forms in the Google Workspace Marketplace (click here) and click on the big blue button "Install".

Warning: If you are part of a company and use Google Workplace (formerly Gsuite), it is possible that your Domain administrator has restricted the installation of third-party add-ons. In this case, contact your Google Workplace Administrator (or the IT department) and ask them to whitelist Automagical Forms or install it domain-wide.

Google Workplace Administrator

Visit the Google Workplace Support article (click here) for information on how to whitelist or install Automagical Forms domain-wide.

You can also visit Automagical Forms in the marketplace and install it for your domain.

If you need more assistance or have questions about installing Automagical Forms on a Google Workplace domain, contact us here.

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